And I respond to that how?

Today, I want to hear from you guys.  I want you to tell me tales of comments, compliments or criticisms that you have received that have left you stumped for a response.

I’ll start.

The other day, I finally got myself to the gynecologist.  Let’s just say it has been a while because I like to avoid doing things that are good for me in favor of doing things that have no impact one way or the other (but that’s another story). While I was there, she told me that I had a very young uterus and that my right ovary was really showing off.

Um… uh…thank you?

I mean, it sounds like a good thing, right? She seemed pleased by this.  My first instinct was to punch the air and yell, “F**k yeah!” because how often is anyone going to say anything about any part of me being young again?  And it’s certainly better than hearing “wow, that uterus is old as ass” (said in the Craig Robinson way from Knocked Up).  I was just a little nonplussed as to how best to respond.  Though, I did immediately think to myself, “I’m so writing about this.”

So, how about you guys?  What has left you searching for an appropriate response lately? It doesn’t have to be anatomical. It can be just be weird.

Happy Monday.

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