A Madness Shared By…

You know what I’m doing right now? I mean besides typing, of course. I’m online at a place called The Haven. There are a lot of people in this one thread right now (so many that we’re likely to crash it), from all over the world, waiting to hear something about the new X-Files trailer that should be released at midnight PST (http://www.xfiles.com/). Actually, we just recently figured out that it was supposed to be midnight PST. Some people, quite inspired really, tried to change their time zones to some remote locale in Russia to try to fake out the release time early this morning (I love the ingenuity!), but when that didn’t work, we began to oh-so-patiently await the legitimate release.

Ok, patiently is a bit of a lie. These people are pretty inventive, though. For instance, I just got a kick out of watching a video on youtube of a girl waiting for the trailer to be released. Yep, it’s a video of her waiting. There are also videos of people reacting to the short promo “therapy” videos that were released this weekend (if you haven’t seen them, go to aintitcool and refresh so that you can see both promos in the top right hand corner). These are my people! Now, a whole bunch of us appear to be watching the first X-Files movie to kill time.

I have to be functional at 5am. I can’t stay up until midnight just to see a trailer that I can watch all day tomorrow (provided work doesn’t block the stream). But there is something about sharing the madness, about reading the reactions as they happen that make this experience much more entertaining than can possibly be explained to non-fans. You know, also known as sane people.

Can you imagine what would happen if I turned this kind of energy onto a guy? Honestly, my not dating is probably a public service. Think of the damage I would do.

“I had you big time”

Kate, humming the X-Files theme song and wondering when the intervention will be scheduled


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  1. danielletbd

    I totally get that. It’s why people line up for concert or movie tickets or Harry Potter new releases. Just like at those events, you meet all sorts of people from all over the country who share your love for something. It’s a cool experience all around. Granted, I think it’s a little much to wait in those lines for days on end, but I admire the passion in those that do, and I can’t say that if that was the ONLY way to get tickets to a Mariah concert (for example) that I wouldn’t be there with a thermos and a beach chair.Oh PS if you google the X-Files 2 trailer and Paley Fest, there are some bootleg trailers up. Just something to kill time while you wait for the clock to strike twelve.

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    In the end, the trailer wasn’t much different from the one shown at Paley or WonderCon, although the beginning actually had story direction. Still, it’s pretty intense, and I think that if you haven’t already been to the other events and seen the trailer, it will be pretty successful. And I didn’t actually stay up. I went to bed, and then told my internal clock to get the hell up after midnight. Surprisingly, it actually worked. Never underestimate the lure of new X-Files material.

  3. Cari Turley

    It’s basically the PaleyFest trailer, but it’s still awesome. :)I’ve been avoiding the Haven because I’m a spoilerphobe, but I’m sort of envious of your bonding session. BTW, I can’t find these “therapy” promos on aintitcool…can you help point me in the right direction?

  4. Kate, Dating in LA
  5. Cari Turley

    Oh my!! Those are amazing. And…confusing? But awesome! I’m not really sure what to make of them, clearly. Haha.Thanks for the link. 🙂

  6. Kate, Dating in LA

    I know! The tone left me very confused, but oddly elated.All credit for the links goes to someone with the screenname of MOXED over at Haven (finally found the thread on page 3).

  7. Cari Turley

    Exactly! Like, was it supposed to be all meta-theatrical? Do they miss each other because they show has been off the air for six years? Or have they been separated in canon? (But don’t tell me! I don’t want to know yet! Haha.)

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