Well, Sure…


I saw this headline, and I thought of you guys: “Man Says Wife Was Accidentally Shot During Sex”.

Well, who hasn’t that happened to? I mean, if I had a dime for every time a gun went off when I was having an intimate moment, I’d…um…yeah, I’d still be broke because this doesn’t ever happen.

I had to click on the link just to be sure that he wasn’t being euphemistic about a “gun going off”.

Nope. He meant it. He “accidentally” shot his estranged wife in the chest when he reached for something on the nightstand.

That’s just bad luck, that’s what that is. There is nothing worse than reaching over for a condom and shooting your date instead. Obviously, there needs to be a warning label somewhere–maybe on the gun, maybe on the condom. Oh, yes, definitely on the condom: “warning: reaching for this when a loaded gun is in the vicinity of your estranged spouse who has a restraining order out against you, could result in you “accidentally” shooting her”. Perfect. That should make the lawyers much happier. After all, he’s probably very upset about this “accident” and is getting ready to sue somebody because of the lack of that very warning.

Yeah. Nothing suspect about this statement at all. I have absolutely no doubt that he should get over this mistake in about…oh…10 to 20.


3 comments on “Well, Sure…”

  1. danielletbd

    I thought it was some kind of kinky rough stuff until I read the word “estranged,” and then my head automatically went to the bad place of: he was probably using the gun to scare her into submission so he could have sex with her… and then it accidentally went off. Yeah, I’m such a glass is half-full person.

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    Yeah, there is nothing about this that says loving and consensual make-up sex, is there? In fact, there seems to be very little about this that is accidental beyond him getting caught.

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