Welcome to your “Do Over.” I will be your host…


Raise your hand if you have ever wished that merely yelling “Do Over!” would allow you to make a different decision or take a different path? Whether it is to erase 20 years, or 20 minutes of poor life choices, “Do Over” could be a useful tool. Sure, you could undo some things that you actually wish you could keep in place in the process, and the alternative path could actually be more disastrous. Still, there are moments…

It was one of those moments that inspired the gang and I to yell “Do Over!” in a crowded restaurant a couple of weeks ago. Now, I know what you are thinking, and yes, the margaritas may have also influenced some of the yelling. However, the three of us were feeling a bit pressed by a huge rock of frustration, and suddenly being able to do things over again seemed like an excellent plan.

For me, there are absolutely things that I would do differently. For instance, I would write the book two years earlier. I might do the web series pilot three years earlier – I certainly would have started trying to get financing three years earlier. And I would have gotten out of a situation that drained everything from me before it got worse rather than waiting until I had no choice but to flee for self-preservation sake.

For my friends, the “Do Over” ranged from picking different careers to not maxing out credit cards in the early years. Yes, hindsight is 20/20, but often times we do see the choices in front of us, and choose the devil we know believing things will improve rather than taking a risk.

Of course, relationships (or relations) pose a whole new round of “Do Over” issues. Would you erase a bad relationship (romantic or platonic) from your personal history, or do you believe that the emotional hits have shaped you, and are, therefore, valuable even if they represent catastrophe?

As I’m absolutely certain that I can develop the “Do Over” power in the very near future, do you have moments that you’d like me to wave a wand over and erase? Big ones? Little ones? Just the choice to eat that extra chocolate chip muffin this morning?

2 comments on “Welcome to your “Do Over.” I will be your host…”

  1. Ray

    Mmmm, oh the what if, do over, I should have….. Funny what comes to mind is what my teen said the other day… ” Mum, you have traveled the world, lived in London, Paris, Tel Aviv, New York, and yet you settle in the suburbs of Chicago…. So if we (hubby) and I were to do it all over again where would we plant our roots??? I would have to say somewhere closer to the Mediterranean. Coastal, Italy…. Somewhere where we could have easy access to scuba diving, and yet shoot off into the countryside for a weekend, or visit somewhere very, very, very OLD! Be able to sit and sip a Latte and watch the world go by….
    That said I love my Chicago…

  2. KateDating

    Travel is a big one for me. I quit my corporate job three years ago, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do (other than write). Now that I’m enjoying writing about my travels, I don’t really have the kind of funds I had then to pursue it on a big scale.

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