Want to Make Over Your Life?

Lighthearted Entertainment is looking for SoCal women to take part in a new makeover series for a major cable network.  But this isn’t just one of those shows that gives you are a great haircut and an outfit and wishes you “Good luck!” as they escort you out the door. No, this show will not only include a fabulous physical makeover (including new wardrobe pieces), but it will also add life coaching to the mix.

How many times have we said that we need “do overs” in our lives? Now, since we seem to be, at the moment, incapable of actually turning back the clock and undoing some of our decisions, this might just be the next best thing.

Who are they looking for? They are open to many people with all sorts of stories, but among the stories they are looking for are people who:

  • Are stuck in a relationship with someone who won’t commit
  • Always dating the bad boy
  • Need help with your sex life, or lack there of
  • Trouble finding a man in your age range
  • Unusual hobby/animal lover who scares away dates
  • Tired of being the funny friend who never gets a date
  • Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

What if these aren’t your issues (or aren’t your only issues)?  Take a chance anyway. They really are open to trying to solve all sorts of problems, and you never know– that magical “do over” we keep talking about might be on the horizon.

What do you do if you are interested?

Send an email to cw.castingproducer@gmail.com with the following info:

  • Name:
  • Phone Number:
  • Age:
  • City and State:
  • Brief Bio:
  • Description of what life help you need:
  • 3-4 Pictures:

Seriously! It’s that simple. But if you do it, you need to fill me in on all the details because I’m really curious to see the transformations. Also, I might want to borrow your new clothes.  Go forth and makeover!

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