The Myths of Packing

I’ve just started the process of putting my life in a box, and I’ve already discovered that the fantasies in my head about how this would go aren’t quite in line with the realities. Just in case you are also about to embark on this journey… a word of warning…


Fantasy version: You picture yourself leisurely and gently placing each item in a box. Perhaps adding tissue paper to clothing to help reduce wrinkling. Precise and legible labeling will be applied to each box. A clear picture of where each item will reside in the new home will guide your way.

Reality: Picture Scully in “Fight the Future” yelling, “There’s no time!!” as you undoubtedly move on to just throwing random stuff in any available box just to get it all done.


Fantasy version: You think to yourself, “I don’t have that much stuff. There’s no way I’ll need all of those boxes.”

Reality: Yes. Yes, you will. And so very many more.


Fantasy version: You think you’ve been really good about culling all of your non-necessary possessions.

Reality: After 4 trips to GoodWill, you will still end up quizzically looking at this item that has been in your possession for 8 years.



You will seriously consider packing it because it’s possible you might need it one day.


Packing—it’s like dating in LA, only you spend more time doing it.

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