The Male Pill

Ah, more breaking news from the scientific world. Seems that they are close to perfecting the male birth control pill.

My first reaction– Sweet!! Someone else can deal with the weight gain, emotional edge, etc. Rock on! Plus, I understand that they are really working to reduce the side effects that women have been dealing with for years. Because, of course, you can’t have men dealing with those inconveniences.

And then my second thought– would I actually rely on a guy to take that thing? Even if it is only a “several hours before” kind of thing. hmmmm

Now I’m sure that there are some great, responsible men out there… somewhere… probably. And obviously, there are always the losers to look out for. But it’s the third group of males in this situation that could prove the greatest problem. They seem responsible, and they are genuinely good people. But in that group:

He’s the guy who says something like “uh, yeah” when you ask if he has straightened up the living room. Then you discover his definition involved taking all the papers, etc. and putting them on the dining room chair… and pushing it in under the table.

He’s the guy who wont change a bandage or take the meds to fight infection because you aren’t around to remind him– even though he knows if he doesn’t, there is a 90% chance his hand will fall off from gangrene.

He’s the guy who fixes a hole in his jeans with a staple gun– while he’s still wearing them.

He’s the guy who will OD because he lives the theory that if one works, five will work better (also true of Viagra 😉 ).

He’s the guy who will carry the pill in his wallet for months (or years) waiting for the right moment, only to discover that years of sitting on it, has crushed it. So, you find him frantically licking his wallet when you take him home.

And anyone who has dealt with a man’s definition of “later” (ie I’ll call you later meaning anytime from the same day to six months down the road) knows that time is a fuzzy concept. Tell a man he needs to take something 3 hours before anything, and you better be there to remind him.

So, while I applaud the scientific community’s latest efforts… hmmmmm

Kate, still searching for prince longshot, in LA

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