The Day After

I feel like not one of us was really prepared to go back to work today. I may be making big assumptions. You may have been ready and eager to hit the ground running.  I was mostly ready to hit the ground and made plans to go to happy hour because I wasn’t finished expressing my deep love for fried foods.

A holiday in the middle of the week is just confusing (much like vajazzling). For at least four days, I will get the day of the week wrong. I will try to be productive, only to find that people are on legitimate vacations (or that it is actually Sunday). I think we can all agree that we should just call it a week, go home, get some sleep and start again on the day that is actually Monday (and not on all the ones that suspiciously feel like a Monday).

“But you promised us entertainment by posting something new,” you say?

Does this count? I really should start watching soccer….

Dolce & Gabbana bring us joy.

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