So I Ended Up There Instead

Wednesday was a mess of best made plans going awry. I tried to head to the Getty under the impression that the summer hours had it open until 9pm every day. Not so! That’s only the case on Friday and Saturday nights– so be warned if you try showing up at 5:30 on a Wednesday. It won’t work.

I wandered to a park to write, but couldn’t find my groove. I gave up on the groove and reluctantly headed homeward– only to devise my next brilliant plan: Malibu. Yes!  All I needed was a sweatshirt, and I was ready to party. I was still firmly entranced in this plan right up to the point where I was sitting in traffic.

So it makes perfect sense that instead I’m sitting in Century City (opposite direction) at an outdoor screening of Casablanca.

Why did I just bore you with my itinerary? Because I have you captive, obviously. But also because sometimes the happy accidents end up being the more interesting option.  I won’t lie– there was a lot of “mid-week date night” vibing going on around me. Is that a thrill of a lifetime? No, not really.  However, the night was nice, the movie was a classic, and I enjoyed doing something entirely different with my night.

Outdoor concerts, movies and plays seem to be catching my attention this summer. My next plan is to see As You Like It in the Japanese Gardens.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this one actually happens according to plan, but if it doesn’t… well, the options are out there!

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