As you know, I like to check out how people find my blog.  It never fails to amaze me how many of you find me by searching sexual keywords. I mean, really? I would think that this blog (or anything about my life really) would be the last place a search engine would take you. Regardless of how you found me, welcome.

There is one tiny thing I’d like to know.  Hundreds of you have found this blog by searching some phrase involving the word “showering.”  Is this like planking? Should I be including more showering content on the blog? I like to believe that everyone is already doing this activity, but if I’m at the forefront of a trend (for once in my life), I feel like I should take advantage (and monetize it) somehow.

Don’t believe me?  Look at this list of most searched terms/phrases that landed people here today (and yes, I mean only today):

  • someone having a shower
  • someone taking a shower
  • take a shower
  • picture of someone in the shower
  • stop taking a shower
  • have a shower
  • having a shower
  • japanese leather sex

I’m guessing that last one was because of the guest blog. The others are a mystery.

Showering is one of my favorite activities, so I suppose I should marvel at how well the Interwebs knows me. Perhaps the great minds at Google are just trying to bring like minds together (with the exception of that last search because that’s not happening here). Perhaps the Internet, much like the universe, has a perverse sense of humor. Whatever the reason, if you are fascinated by showering, you seem to be ending up here.

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