Showcase Recap: All Good Things!

I can’t believe it is already Wednesday. My only excuse for not posting about Saturday’s event sooner is that I’m still processing—not because anything bad happened, but because so much good happened that I can’t quite get my brain around it yet.

First, I have to thank everyone who came out to support the reading. Hearing your reactions and meeting you after the reading was a real treat. I know that you have a million options on a Saturday afternoon, and I’m thrilled that you chose to make “My Letter to Fear” part of your weekend.

Second, I can’t say enough about the actors who came out to support the work by doing the readings: Nikki DeLoach, Lesley Fera, Stevie Lynn Jones, Jen Lilley, Roma Maffia, Dennisha Pratt and Carla Renata.  They sacrificed their precious time away from production to volunteer to do this reading for me. They brought such a tremendous energy to the project, and I love that they were so willing to just jump in and do it. To say that I hope to work with each of them again in the future is an understatement.

Third, I know that I’m blessed to have worked with such a great group of people on both sides of the stage. This collaboration is yet another example of why Danielle Turchiano rocks! I was hesitant to pursue a reading, and she convinced me that it would be a great way to increase awareness of the project. She was right, and I’m so glad I did. Also, once again we pulled in our friends to help behind the scenes, and they continue to amaze me with their willingness to take our calls.

Was I nervous? Yes, oddly I was nervous right up to the time we started. Part of that was because I had to do the introduction, and you know how much I love public speaking. But also I realized how much I wanted the reading to go well, not just for me, but for everyone who put their time and faith into it.

And now I’ll stop babbling and turn this over to the pictures. Taken by Meghan Wilson, some of these photos are actually from the tech rehearsal, and others are from the live reading.  I will be putting up clips here and on Goodreads soon.



Note: Originally posted on on September 24, 2014.

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