Remaking Your Life (Part 2)

KateWavingThe blogs from last week had an interesting impact on me. On Friday, in the midst of a “why can’t anything work the way I want it to” tantrum, I began a list of literally everything in my life that I saw as broken or undone.

I kept the notebook with me over the weekend, and the list ballooned from 60 items to 96 (and it’s still growing). It includes everything from large items (career) to small things (change the damn time on the wall clock in the bathroom).  At first, it was overwhelming. I think that’s why I began making the list to begin with. I had lost sight of the things I could do because I was seemingly surrounded by things that I couldn’t accomplish right away.

Now when I look at the list, I don’t feel overwhelmed or depressed. While there are things on there that I couldn’t possibly deal with in the short-term, the list has allowed me to start addressing the things that can be addressed now. And yes, I changed the time on the damn clock.

The broken and undone list seems to be gaining some favor. Pen has started doing it. Our mutual friend Amanda heard about it, and she’s thinking about doing it for work-related things. There’s something about actually being able to see the problems and the tasks that makes moving forward a possibility.

How about you? Do you think making this list of literally everything in your life that is broken or undone would be helpful to you? Give it a shot! No matter how small or how large the item is, add it to the list, and see how you feel about it. Then let me know how it went!

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