Random Letter of Complaint to Hollywood

This is just a random letter of complaint to the Hollywood powers that be. Why doesn’t Bonnie Hunt write and direct more? I find it hard to believe that she’s out of ideas. I find it even harder to believe that Hollywood doesn’t have the money to send her way. So, what’s up?

I’m watching the movie ‘Return to Me” for the first time in a long while, and again, I am struck by how much I love this romantic comedy (comedy heavily mixed with drama, of course). It’s easily in my top 10 of all romantic comedies. One of the ones I would take if I were stranded on an island (which mysteriously has power, television and a DVD player).

It is not just because I want a Bob Rueland of my very own—although, who wouldn’t want Bob Rueland: smart, sexy, caring, dedicated and disease free? Our romantic comedies these days seem to be stuck permanently on the 20 somethings with minor forays into the early 30s if one of the actors accidentally ages while filming. Return to Me crosses generations with some excellent performances being given by the older characters—who are actually integral to the storyline, not just throwaways—including a brilliant final film performance by Carroll O’Connor. Plus, it accurately portrays how I would react if I thought a guy was looking down my shirt (THWAP!).

The movie made money. It’s charming and actually relatively appropriate across generations (minus some suggestion comments and language). And to top it off, it gave us one of the greatest dating tips of all time: “Hairy legs are your only link to reality”.

So, why doesn’t Bonnie work more? Give this woman a vehicle! Write her a check! Or write me a check, and I’ll hire her. Win-Win.

Kate, wondering why America’s Prom Queen has a slot on prime time, but none of my ideas are out there, either– for instance, the all naked George Clooney hour has real promise 🙂


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  1. danielletbd

    Bonnie Hunt is revamping her talk show, and it will begin airing in Fall 2008. I know it’s not the same as some witty, scripted programming, but let’s face it: there’s none of that on anymore anyway!

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