Planning and Dating

I’m finding that event planning and dating in Los Angeles are remarkably similar. In both situations, there is so much going on in the city that it’s difficult to get anyone’s attention in a positive way. Of course, it’s still easy to get attention in a negative way, but that’s rarely what you really want (unless you are a reality star, of course).

In the dating world, we keep getting sent to the internet. Everyone suggests that you try online dating. For event planning, everyone suggests Twitter or Facebook. But when you have a thousand followers, are they really paying attention to you, or are they just trying to get their numbers up? It’s the same with dating, really. Do people head online to find people serious about relationships, or are they looking to get their “score” numbers over 100 (oh, Charlie Runkle…)?

Picture yourself as a young entrepreneur or philanthropist in Los Angeles. You have an event. What do you do? Where do you go? In a city of millions of distractions, how do you get noticed?

Picture yourself as a single, shy female over a certain age in Los Angeles. What do you do? Where do you go?

And if they end up being the same answer, I think I should get my own dating column or advice show on OWN.

Well, technically, I think we can all agree that this should happen anyway.

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