Pink Pepper Thai and Other Thoughts on a Thursday

Pink Pepper Thai

Yesterday, I discovered a terrific Thai food place called Pink Pepper Thai in Hollywood. I’d like to say that I am a visionary who has unearthed this yet to be discovered hot spot in Los Angeles – and if that gets me a job writing for Social LA-type blogs, I will say that. Now, if I want to go with honesty, the place has been there since about 1989, and I just don’t get out much… and my friend suggested it as a good place to meet. But other than those things, I totally discovered it. Now it’s your job to go try it. Also, as a side note, Thai lunch from the day before makes for an excellent breakfast the next day.


Pink Taco Disco

I have figured out where men go to congregate in Los Angeles! They go to Pink Taco (and now that I think about it, it would make sense that dudes were attracted to this place). Hordes of men were there last night (and by night, I mean just as the work bell sounded at 5:30) with ties askew and drinks in hand; no doubt chatting about the deals they brokered, or the white collar clients they kept out of jail for securities fraud. Go team! Naturally, I spoke to none of them because I was busy being enormously entertained by the disco music they were playing while Pen and I were delicately sipping our margaritas and in no way descending on the bucket of free chips like wild animals. Ahem. Anyway… this discovery has brought us to a new and exciting possibility: roller disco (Courtesy of C). Again, not a new concept, as I last did this when I was about 12, BUT a totally new experience as an adult. I can’t wait. I’m possibly more excited about roller disco than I have been about anything other than quitting my job. I wonder if I can find my old sparkly, blue skate laces?


Trapped in Apartment

Presidential street closures are happening outside my apartment today and possibly tomorrow. I understand the need for security. I support this entirely. But that does mean I am trapped in my apartment since leaving suggests the need for returning, which I may or may not be able to do depending on when and if he wanders through this area. How about this as a deal: I will vote for him, if he promises to stop coming to Los Angeles? I knew we could work something out. Seriously, I saw the President less when I was living in D.C. But the new, intriguing, possibly-sexually-willing me (nah) is going to make the best of this by declaring it Reading by the Pool Day unless the fog doesn’t lift, and it really stays 65; and then it will be more like Sitting Inside the Apartment Obsessing Over Why I Don’t Have a Direction in Life Yet Despite it Being Day 4 Day (which has a slightly less entertaining ring to it, and the acronym just doesn’t sing).

3 comments on “Pink Pepper Thai and Other Thoughts on a Thursday”

  1. southsiderpgh

    If you break out the glitter laces you have to go find some bubble-gum flavored lip gloss to go with! Nice to see you're getting out and about, day 4 and no cure for cancer or resolution of the Palestinian conflict–dude, you are a total slacker! 😉

  2. Dee Murray

    I rather like Trapped In Apartment Day! My whole neighborhood is on Secret Service alert & lockdown, as he's landing, once again, at Rancho Park. To avoid the 3 hour commute home (usually about 4 to 5 minutes) I walked to work today. And left my dress shoes at home. OOPS!:-)Yeppers. I'm in sneakers all day. And I'm kinda thrilled about it. It's these tiny rebellions that build slowly & eventually overthrow tyranny. I'm just sayin' hate the game, not the sneakers.

  3. Claire

    I started thinking that my roller skates had yarn pompoms that I'd made, but now I'm 99% certain that those were my ice skates. Either way, your glitter laces totally trumps lame pompoms.

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