Phase 2 and Casting

Phase 2

Does your personality change with your hair color? This is the first time I’ve actually done major alterations to my appearance. Now that I’m firmly in phase 2 (aka Holy Crap 2: The Reckoning), I’m beginning to wonder.

I’m queen of hiding my “light” under a bushel to the point of acknowledging my near invisibility—certainly to the men of Los Angeles. But since I’ve turned my hair into a glow stick, men have started to acknowledge me. Make no mistake—I have not suddenly turned from troll to starlet. I’m still me, just with much brighter hair. There hasn’t been any amazing makeover magic. Yesterday, a guy at a stop light actually smiled and waved to me. I waved back out of habit, assuming I knew the man. Nope, didn’t know him. He just decided to wave and smile at me. Actually, it was more like grin… a big grin… Alright, I suppose it’s possible that he was actually laughing at me. But at the time it seemed on the friendly side of the spectrum rather than a grin born of malice.

Perhaps it’s just that the human eye immediately goes to the lightest thing on the screen, on a painting or in the car next to you. Had there been a blond on the other side of him, she would have gotten the wave.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure what to do with this. I’m pretty sure the first step is to stop looking over my shoulder for the person the guy is really trying to attract. Although, admittedly, I do tend to assume that there is a clock over head.

Who Should Play You?

Friends of mine have suggested that this blog should become a book or webseries. I like the idea of the book quite a bit, but since I’m fairly bad at writing with any consistency—and I have no clear direction, it could take me several decades to get the accomplished. The web series would be more immediate, but it would cost money. But I’ve started thinking about who I would hire to play the main “characters”. So far, my friend Chloe thinks that Paul Walker should play her boyfriend. I’m not sure Paul is doing web work right now, but I’ve noted the suggestion.

If you were to be portrayed in a movie, TV show or webseries, who do you want to play you? The only thing I know for sure is that I’d like the person who plays me to have a better ass. Sounds reasonable, right? It’s a given that she’ll be taller.

Kate, trying decide who among the fab four will play my boyfriend— oooh maybe a rotating cast to keep fans guessing

6 comments on “Phase 2 and Casting”

  1. danielletbd

    I think it’s something about brunettes not being well-liked in LA. We don’t turn many heads… not as many as blondes/redheads, anyway. Which is odd, considering there are far fewer brunettes than blondes here.Also, I always said I’d want Krista Allen to play me in the movie about my life. I’m a little bit delusional.

  2. danielletbd

    Oh wait, that being said, the on-screen boyfriend canNOT be Jensen. They’re already friends… no need to have him fall in love with her instead of the real me!

  3. Dee Murray

    I agree about the shortage of brunettes in LA! I just re-watched the Matrix the other night and I liked how the movie described the cyber-images of themselves…something to the effect of it being what you think you look like…that being said, I think Kirsty Alley pre-Jenny Craig should play me – but if the image is what we think our fantasy selves look like, then Dita Von Teese. Definitely.

  4. Kate, Dating in LA

    Dee–LOL!! Dita is remarkably closer! What does she actually do? Is she an actress? Model? Singer? I see her picture all the time, but I don’t actually know anything about her?

  5. danielletbd

    She was married to Marilyn Manson. See, she’s one of those “Why are they famous people?” we talked about! No, seriously, Dita is a burlesque artist/fetish model and sometimes actress. I think she even tried her hand at music for a short time.

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