Not Quite Right

KateWavingI have a case of the “not quite rights.” I don’t think it is terminal, but it definitely fits with yesterday’s theme of needing to remake parts of my life.

The “not quite rights” seem to hit without warning and in groups. For instance, my computer cord frayed, and I had to replace it because it was sparking (yikes). I got a new one, but because my laptop is old, the original power pack and cord were not available. The new one charges the computer, but not the battery. So, it works, but it’s not quite right.

My refrigerator works, but there’s a leak from the freezer down into the main compartment. I’ve had it “fixed,” but after a couple of weeks, the leak just started up again. Now I have a bowl in the main compartment to catch the water. Everything works, but it’s not quite right.

I could go on, but you get the idea. These things are popping up with increasing frequency from allergy medications to writing opportunities. I don’t know if this is a sign that I need to be more aggressive about finding solutions, or if this is just what happens when you don’t have disposable income to solve the problems quickly. But there you have it. I’m living a life, but it’s not quite right.

How about you guys? Ever experience a situation where you are bombarded by a series of “not quite rights?”

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