New Invention

I have a new invention. It’s called “Shower Pilates”, and I do believe this one will revolutionize the industry.

I love long showers, but feel fleeting guilt about wasting water.

I hate exercising, but not being able to fit into my clothes isn’t the turn on you might think it would be. I also loathe not only having to find the time to exercise, but having to find the time to shower post feeble attempt at health.

“Shower Pilates” totally solves these problems. I can stay in the shower for 30 minutes without guilt, and I don’t have to waste additional time exercising. When I’m done, I will already be clean. Genius! Genius, I say!

Sure, there is some threat of slipping, falling and dying while trying this, but that’s a risk for me just walking across my living room.

Cant wait to hear the Patent Office’s thoughts on this one.

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