My Willful Phone

This is going to sound like a joke, but I swear it is true. My phone tried to get me a date. Not in the usual sense of me picking up the phone and asking someone out. I literally mean, the PHONE tried to get me a date. Apparently, it decided that it was time to take my social life into its own SIM card.

Despite the fact that my phone was turned off (that’s right, it was off!), somehow the keypad was engaged when I tossed the phone into my purse. This morning, I found out that my phone sent a nonsensical text message to a very cute (albeit random) boy, as soon as I turned it back on.

I am not kidding.

I know this because I got a text back from said boy that was a very flirty “who are you?” Ok, not so much flirty as deeply confused by the large jumble of random letters that my phone sent him. Which is also crazy because you’d think if the phone had decided to get me a date, it could at least learn to type.

Hmmm. I know that you are cheering my phone on, and suggesting that this is a sign for me to go for it (whatever “it” actually is). Alas, this is a guy who happened to still be in my call log from a movie I helped out on quite a while ago. He is darling, but young and technically off limits (at least for the moment). So, nice thought on behalf of my phone, but not likely to lead anywhere.

Perhaps the phone thought that if it showed me how to call/text a boy, I would learn from the observation? This is how bad my social life is, people. My phone is trying to set me up.

I keep looking at it thinking that if it were really enterprising (and if it really cared, sniff), it would get Clooney’s number and start texting him. Now, that would impress me.

Kate (and her possessed phone)

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