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Here is another one of these fun-filled questionnaires for you to ponder, copy, paste, circulate, fondle… whatever works for you.

  • Age or Ages You Would Like To Do Over? 24 or 29. These were both big decision-making years for me. I’d be curious to see what would happen if I had taken a different path—provided, of course, I could change everything back if the path led to something worse.
  • Worst Ages? For what? Clothing? 14 though 17 so far. Actually, that would probably be true regardless of issue. Those ages are just really tough for girls (and perhaps boys, but I wasn’t one, so I can’t speak to that). But really, nothing says drama like a 15 year old girl.
  • Respect or Money? Tough one. I assume this means in a job and not in a relationship because the money issue might lead me to think that illegal activities are going on. Otherwise, I’d like to say respect, but I have bills that need paying. Though it is shocking that “But my parents respect me” doesn’t cover rent. I will say this, though: without respect, the money has to be a lot higher.
  • Ever Quit a Job? What time is it? Yes, I have, but not recently.
  • Ever Been Fired? From a job, no. From a relationship, yes.
  • Best quality? I’m ridiculously loyal even when that loyalty hasn’t been earned, or is no longer warranted.
  • Worst quality? I’m really judgmental. Of course, I think being judgmental is a great quality because no one wonders where they stand with me. Ever.
  • Word or Words Used to Describe You? Short. Really short. Breathing.
  • Word or Words Never Used to Describe You? Urban. Hip. Cool. Trend-setting. Fun-loving.
  • Do you blog? LOL um…yes, but not nearly as often as Danielle would like.
  • Geekiest Thing Ever Done? Um… has to be a tie between flying up to Wondercon for The X-Files panel, and lining up for the I Want to Believe Premiere. I am still costume free; however, as I’ve never dressed up as Scully. Or Mulder, for that matter.
  • Favorite Sexual Position? Anything that allows me to continue to watch TV.
  • Piercings? One hole in each ear that was re-opened after about 5 years of pondering the decision.
  • Tattoos? Nope. There isn’t an image that I’d want on me forever. Plus, I hate needles—why do you think it took me 5 years to get my ears re-pierced?
  • Career You Wanted Growing Up? I said doctor, but given my deep love for Nancy Drew, Charlie’s Angels, Remington Steele and Scarecrow and Mrs. King, I think I wanted to be a detective (or spy… spy would have been good).
  • Buy or Read Tabloids? Do entertainment blogs count? Otherwise, no. This one is a bit of a battle for me. On the one side—if you do the crime, you do the time. If you don’t want to get caught having an affair with your three co-stars, then don’t have an affair with them. On the other hand, I reject the idea that anyone’s personal issues be made into sport. Now, the celebrities who literally call for that kind of attention, they make me uncomfortable. You can’t invite that attention in and then get to be dismayed when they feel like they have a right to you. To paraphrase the brilliant War Games: “The only way to win is to not play the game.”
  • Ever Hooked Up With a Celebrity? Given that I still don’t have a clear definition of the phrase “hook up” in its current incarnation, I’d have to say no. Unless it means “have a conversation with them about how you wish they would write more” and then, yes.
  • Favorite saying? Currently, it is one coined by Claire: “Everybody dies, Meggie! Everybody dies!” It’s to ward off bad decision-making. I’ll let you work out the context.
  • Starbucks or Coffee Bean? Ah, now we are getting into the deep philosophical questions. Neither. I don’t drink coffee. That’s right. I’m the one.
  • Guilty Pleasure TV? Has to be a tie between anything on HGTV (House Hunters, Income Properties, Property Virgins, etc) and Ghost Hunters. I don’t feel even remotely guilty about my other television options. Come to think of it, I don’t feel all that guilty about the ones listed, either.

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