Mini: Archie Finally Pops the Question

It took 65 years, but Archie realized that dating two women for eternity was unlikely to work. He finally asked one of his long-time girlfriends to marry him.
65 years.

Well, in the face of that perseverance, it really doesn’t make the 10 years I spent with the EX seem all that momentous. I was clearly a slacker who should have held out a little longer.

But I’m wondering what you do if you are the one he didn’t choose? “Well, we dated for 65 years, but it just didn’t work out. He said we didn’t have enough in common for a long-term relationship.” How exactly do you start over after something like that? I mean, will her friends say things like “At least you never got married, so you don’t have to get a divorce.” Or maybe the old standby, “At least you never had kids” because that one definitely makes you feel better after wasting 65 years of your life.

Anyway, I won’t spoil it here, but if you are curious where Archie finally fell in the eternal “Betty” or “Veronica” debate, here you go:

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  1. danielletbd

    This actually makes a lot of sense (who he chose), even though, as a long time fan and still somewhat of a dreamer, I wish it wasn’t so. Veronica was always the one Archie pined for: he wanted the glamorous, pretty, rich girl who seemed just a bit out of her reach– the girl who could have any guy, making it more of a challenge and giving him more bragging rights, if they ended up together after all. Betty was always the girl next door, the guys’ pal, the nice one who got passed over. Did they ever/are they planning to introduce someone new for Betty? No. They figured she’d be okay to be on her own, friends with everyone forever. I’m surprised they haven’t given her a cat yet. So typical.

  2. Jamie

    Are you effing kidding me with this? I heard that he was going to pick, but didn’t even read any of the articles because I thought there was no question it’d be Betty. I know they’re fictional, and I’m sure Veronica deserves love too, but I’m actually very upset about this. There are more Bettys in the world than Veronicas, and it would have been nice to show the Bettys/Joey Potters/Hermiones of the world that they’re valuable. Stupid Archie. He doesn’t deserve you, Betty!

  3. Kate, Dating in LA

    LMAO! I’m sure Veronica does deserve love, too, but I was hoping that Betty would win out, as well. Substance over the glam girl. Damn it– it doesn’t even work in the fictional realm. What hope is there for me in LA (which is also a largely fictional realm)?

  4. danielletbd

    Have you given any thought to putting a profile on At least to see who else is out there…and if they are all sketchy, then you can just choose not to contact any of them/respond to any of their messages to you. But I admit that the commercials (although greatly misleading because their way of proving it works is to “Just ask Jillian”… who didn’t meet her husband online but whatever) are intriguing.

  5. Marisa

    I have to admit, I’m more upset about Archie’s choice than I imagined I would be. I used to read the comics all the time, and it seemed like what he had with Veronica was lust, while the potential for real, true love was with Betty. Like others have said, there are a lot more Bettys in the world as opposed to Veronicas. Would have been nice to see the “average” girl beat out the “glam” girl.(Why am I so worked up over a comic? I didn’t realize I cared so much, lol)

  6. Dee Murray

    As disappointed as I am, I’m not surprised in the least about Archie’s choice. And the poor girl that got left on the front porch wondering what she did wrong will be yet another testament to all the regular girls out there who have no choice but to swallow this lesson: unless you’re glamorous, you will lose. Even 65 years of loyatly will still get you dumped in the end. So sad.

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