Mid-Life Crisis Day 3

Mid-Life Crisis Day 3

I just took a test, and it is official: I am entering an official mid-life crisis. No, seriously, it was a test called “Are You Headed for a Mid-life Crisis” by Mary Kearl. I scored a nine out of 10. The only one I missed was the suicide question. Apparently, I’m too apathetic for suicide. Which I guess is a good thing? Sort of sounds like a backhanded compliment to me, but whatever…

The test results didn’t really give a clear answer on what to do to get out of this particular situation if you aren’t a guy (ie have affair with 25 year old blond and buy sports car). So, I’m sticking with my current plan: somewhat frequent flights of fancy. Tomorrow, I will become a redhead. No worries—several of you expressed concerns about me going strawberry blond. That will not happen. Also as gorgeous as Gillian looks, I will not be going Scully red. Sadly, I could never pull that off. But never fear, change is coming, and I’m sure people at work will be entertained. Maybe I need to change my hair color every couple of months just to keep them guessing. Perhaps I’ll find red to be too sedate and show up at the office rocking some electric blue.

An Awkward Thing About LA

If you are in Ohio and jamming along to Bree Sharp’s “David Duchovny” song, the people around you might think you are strange (well, ok, definitely), but for the most part, you’ll be fine. If you are singing it at the top of your lungs in Malibu, you might want to think twice. I was tooling up the coast line yesterday (reveling in my birthday vacation days). It was in the mid-70’s, so the windows were open, and I was singing along (badly), and then I thought… the person driving next to me might actually know this guy. And God help me, if he had pulled up next to me at a stop light. Can you imagine how strange that would be—to have total strangers singing about you not loving them on the way to Starbucks? Yeah, it was just an odd feeling. I quickly turned to the far hipper “Love Will Keep Us Together”. It’s just much less embarrassing to be caught singing along to Captain & Tennille.

Kate, we who are about to dye salute you!


4 comments on “Mid-Life Crisis Day 3”

  1. Helen

    Kate, my dear, you set feminism back several decades in this blog and I, for one, am outraged. Who says you can’t buy a sports car and date a hot 25 year old blond just because you aren’t a guy??? Go for it! If not the car, at least the 25 yr. old! I dare you!

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    LMAO!!! Can you just see me trying to relate? Besides, the only way a 25 year old blond guy would be interested in me is if I can get him a part in a movie!

  3. Helen

    That’s the beauty of being a producer! I’m willing to bet more than half the male producers in this town got into the business so they could hook up with hot 25 yr. olds! Imagine what fun you could be having if only you used your power properly!

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