Mad Procrastinating Skills

Some people procrastinate by cleaning the house, rearranging furniture (I do that one), or staring blankly at the television. 

I had one task for the day: grocery shopping. Now, I loathe grocery shopping, but I understand it is a relatively necessary evil– unless Brad from WebVan re-emerges. Oh, Brad. Anyway, when I roused myself this morning, I glared at the world and resigned myself to my fate. But then the devil on my shoulder (who looks remarkably like my friend Pen) whispered, “Or you could go to Santa Barbara for breakfast.”

Hmmm five minute drive to get a necessary chore accomplished, or spend an hour and a half winging my way north– which would win out? Soooo difficult.

And as I sit outside on the sidewalk at Cafe Shell listening to Christmas music and basking in the warm late November air, I do try to feel some remorse for my lack of productivity. I’ll fail, of course, but I’ll keep trying…just as soon as I finish my pancakes.

2 comments on “Mad Procrastinating Skills”

  1. Dee Murray

    Well played. Though I am a fan of the grocery shopping (it relieves my itch to shop without all that messy "this doesn't come in your size Ma'am" embarassment! Apples and tortillas and pork roasts come in all sizes!) I think I'd have taken that lovely jaunt north as well. And why not? Your cupboards can be filled on the way home. And now you won't be hungry & be tempted to impulse buy those Aunt Jemima frozen waffles!

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