Last Minute Suggestions

Get your last minute suggestions in for my new life campaign before noon tomorrow! The dart board of fate goes live at that point. I have 12 possible options right now for changing the direction of certain elements of my life. I’ll let you know the three winners this weekend.

And no– I will not add Duchovny to my dart board of fate following his separation. But I like where your heads are at. Keep them coming!

4 comments on “Last Minute Suggestions”

  1. Helen

    Have you added take a PROPER vacation? By proper I mean, not just visiting family and absolutely no work blackberry, no work period. Send yourself to a spa, explore parts of CA, you haven’t, whatever you want, but NO work. Writing would be okay, but nothing related to the 9-5 job.Another suggestion: Say “no” more often at the 9-5 job.Which leads to: Say “yes” more often to fun activities outside of 9-5 job.

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    Helen-I like those– particularly the saying “no” ones. I do have travel more, but I can always be more specific and add the “no work” clause. Writing is definitely on the list (one specific and one non-specific card).What’s fun? 😉

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