It Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time

I’m confident when I say that none of us are perfect beings. I’m relatively sure that most of us can say that there have been incidents in our lives that we look back upon with chagrin. Some of us have probably had close calls, and somehow the whims of the universe managed not to slap us down—we may have even learned something in the process.

But this guy… well, it probably sounded like a good idea at the time. In the off chance that you also have homes with some debris that needs clearing, please keep this one salient fact in mind: never, ever use a blowtorch to get rid of cobwebs.

Confess—how many times have you done something ridiculous and had the moment of realization after the fact? What is your “it sounded like a good idea at the time” moment?

For me, I remember hitchhiking in the Soviet Union with a group of people after getting stranded on an adventure that we shouldn’t have been on in the first place. While an effective way to get back to the hotel before the bridges were raised—it was probably not the safest means of transport. When we finally got back the hotel, I do remember thinking “wow, that was incredibly stupid”. Youth. It’s my only excuse.


5 comments on “It Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time”

  1. danielletbd

    But yeah, I have had those moments quite a few times in my past, and unfortunately my youth and immaturity at the time usually didn’t allow me to apologize for the mistakes I made. So last year I went around and made my amends; it kind of felt like I was in AA, but it felt really good at the same time.

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    LOL!! I know. My only defense is that I was with a group of people, so at least I wasn’t alone in a strange car in what was then Leningrad. It’s a long, long story, but basically we got stranded inside the bridges which got raised after a certain hour (like 1 am, or so). We needed to get back to our hotel on the other side before the bridges went up. We were obviously Americans. We obviously had US currency, which at the time was very, very useful. It was actually fairly common practice for Russians to stop and offer rides to tourists in hopes of getting US currency as a tip. It was illegal as hell, but profitable enough that they’d risk internal police. We were convinced it was safe because back then crimes against foreign nationals were really rare. I would not advocate taking a ride these days anywhere. 🙂

  3. Dee Murray

    I must hang my head in shame: I tried to kill ants in my bathroom with hairspray and a lighter once. Really. I have NO idea what possessed the St. Elmo's Fire part of my brain, but there we have it. The second the hairspray started on fire I snapped out of it & threw a wet towel at the wall, but DANG!!! What was I thinking??? There must be a patron saint of youth out there looking over all of us during those brainless points in our lives!!!!

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