I Am Breaking The Following Rules

I just want you to know that I plan on breaking most of these rules.

You’re Too Old To Wear That

Women shouldn’t wear baseball caps or apply a fake tan after age 40, respondents said. Miniskirts and leather pants are off the rack at 41, knee-high boots and even conservative tight tops should be retired by age 45. And tattoos start to look bad by the mid-50s.

…We’d say that some looks expire much earlier than 40—such as braids (only in your earlier 20s)…

I will never abandon my baseball caps. I’m going to rock them when I’m 93 (as opposed to now where I’m pretty much just hiding my hair, or trying to avoid sunburned scalp, as opposed to genuinely working them). I don’t tend to do a lot of fake tanning, but I wouldn’t worry that it was too “youthful” of an activity. It’s not like we aren’t out in the sun all the time and have the potential for getting a real tan– well, not me, because I’m a hermit and like to live in the darkest recesses of my apartment– but other people, certainly. Also, you will have to pry my black, knee-high, Jimmy Choo stiletto boots from my cold dead hands (along with my TV remote). If you think I’m giving them up in two years because of a survey, you clearly haven’t seen the secret chamber I’ve constructed to protect them.

Look, I get it. It can be a bit off-putting when you see someone who is older wearing what experts consider to be young styles.  But one of the upsides of aging is being confident enough in ourselves to stop worrying about what other people think– or at least to worry less about it.  So, I will breaking these rules.

Baseball caps and braids = anarchy

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