Good Riddance Day Contest

Info on the “Good Riddance Day Contest” landed in my inbox, and I knew I had to share it with you all.  Even the most well-adjusted person has at least one thing that they would like to bid “Good Riddance.”  Others may have two or twelve things that they would like to eliminate from their lives.  Getting rid of emotional debris can’t always be achieved through a shredder, but you must admit that getting rid of some of it makes the load lighter.  

Make a quick review of 2012.  Is there anything there that is displeasing? If not, just skip this contest. Meanwhile, if your 2012 looks like a minefield of spent emotional grenades, this is a good way for you to make something good out of it. And if one of those bad things you bid good riddance to was a relationship, you should feel free to send him/her a postcard after you win.  I’m just saying…

Sound off in the comments if there is something in particular that you think needs to be kicked off your island!


Contest Details

Cintas Corporation, the leader in secure document management, is now accepting submissions for the sixth annual Good Riddance Day Contest. Cintas is teaming with the co-organizers of New Year’s Eve in Times Square, the Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment, to invite the public to say goodbye, once and for all, to the bad memories of 2012.

To enter, individual contestants must submit a short description of what they would like to say “good riddance” to in 2013.  The winner will receive:

  • Two roundtrip airfare tickets
  • Five-night hotel stay
  • Designation as the official “First to Shred” at Good Riddance Day 2012
  • Two VIP passes to an exclusive pre-viewing of the Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball
  • Two tickets to the official New Year’s Eve 2013 Party on Times Square
  • A comprehensive prize package of local area cuisine and attractions to cover meals and activities throughout the week, including tickets to a Broadway show

Submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, December 2, 2012.

To submit an entry or learn more about the contest, please visit

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