My life has been an exercise in frustration lately…more than lately… say, for the last decade. And I don’t mean sexual frustration—although if they could figure out how to harness that, I’d single-handedly eliminate the country’s dependence on foreign oil. It just seems as though very little is easy right now. Relationships, my job, my hair, even my television watching has all been absurd.

It’s obvious what I have to do.

What? Pursue my hobbies to a point where I could leave my job and potentially meet more people leading to a successful relationship? Well, yeah, alright, that’s one way to go—if you’re sane. I think we’ve established on which part of the whole “sane” spectrum I land.

Instead, I believe in taking solace in a little bit of fantasy. I don’t mean I’ll be wearing a French maid’s costume to work any time soon—although it would be very funny given how staid and reserved things are. No, I believe in indulging in some fantasy boy time.

If you’ve been reading this blog at all in the last few weeks, you know that I find David Duchovny to be a very pleasant distraction (very, very, very, very pleasant). For instance, I hate flying. If you add a rainstorm and turbulence so bad that the flight attendants stay belted in for the entire flight, and normally, I’d be having a rough time of it. That perfectly describes my flight back from WonderCon. Did I freak out? Nope. I just put my headphones on and listened to the recording of The X-Files panel on my iPod. The dulcet tones of the whole X-Files gang kept a grin on my face nearly the entire way.

Distraction is a good thing when frustration bombards me. It keeps me from trying to dye my hair red in stages so that I look like a mutant zebra. So, I propose distraction in the form of the fearsome foursome: Duchovny, Hamm, O’Loughlin and Clooney. Technically speaking, the Duchovster has already done his job. We can check him off the list (although if he feels the need to pop up any time soon and offer me a position on Californication, he should feel free to do that). That leaves three potentially entertaining distractions to be experienced. The situation has to be live action (no movie watching will count). I don’t have to talk to them, just encounter. Also, I tend to like to avoid illegal things, so I’m invoking happenstance (just in case that’s actually possible)!

It doesn’t matter that I’ve never seen these three men walking down my street. It doesn’t matter that I’ve never been on set with them (as opposed to Duchovny). The only thing that matters is that I am determined to have a little fun. Instead of dwelling on aging and what gravity is doing to my breasts, bring on the boys!

Kate, hoping that this means these three will be wandering through my living room because I hadn’t banked on actually leaving the apartment for this adventure.

8 comments on “Frustration”

  1. danielletbd

    Are you going to that “Moonlight” panel that the Paley Center for Media is hosting? I mention it because it sounds like the perfect distraction… and a chance to meet your potential husband (Alex).

  2. Dee Murray

    If Jon Hamm ever walks through your living room, I am so gonna start hanging out at your place…and don’t forget to put the Choos on!

  3. Kate, Dating in LA

    LOL!! I do have tickets. But technically, I believe he is my friend PT’s future husband. I’m taking her because even though I find him to be lovely, her love is true. Not until the end of April, though! I might have to work on Moonlight first just to get my fix in quicker. 😉

  4. Kate, Dating in LA

    dee–LMAO! That’s a good point. I will go from nobody to serious IT hostess. “Have you been to Kate’s? Only the hottest actors are allowed in– I’ve got to get on Kate’s guest list!”. Talk about irony.

  5. Helen

    I’m with you 100% on keeping your sanity via fantasy. Other than say a week in Paris (which is also quite relaxing, I must say) fantasy boys such as Alex are pretty much all that stand between me and a seriously unhealthy drinking habit (Paris seemed to feed the drinking habit, but that’s another story). Right now my sanity rests on the promise of new episodes of Moonlight!

  6. Helen

    Posting? Ha! I will bring you the prints once I get them developed! I’m afraid I’m 100% old school when it comes to photos.

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