Festive Dress?

Say I had an invitation to an event and an after-party. Say that event was a movie premiere tomorrow night. Say that event’s invitation indicated that the dress code was “festive dress”. What the hell would that mean? I’ve looked it up online, and unless this party is actually being held on Christmas (which it is not), it’s been very little help.

So far I’ve heard: casual, but not jeans casual, unless they are really cute jeans paired with amazing shoes and designer shirt—or you are a star, then you can do what you want (just for the record: no one has ever confused me with a star). I’ve also heard: slightly less than cocktail; informal cocktail. Um… cocktail to me means the classic little black dress. I’m from the eastern part of the country where little black dress is appropriate for every event except, possibly, a morning wedding, or a marathon.

Look, I can barely dress myself for my day to day work existence, and I feel quite festive in sweatpants. “Hollywood” life is mind-numbing. I’m all for casually flouting the dress code rules, but I’d like to at least have a vague concept of what they are. I have loads of semi-formal clothing—a bit of irony really considering how much I avoid leaving the apartment. What I don’t appear to have is the “oh-this-old-informal-yet-festively-not-quite-cocktail-thing-that-I’ve-just-thrown-on”, which is apparently required.

I’m not a D-lister. I’m not a Z-lister. I’m no where near the freakin’ list. Hell, I couldn’t find the list with a GPS. And yet, I feel like I need a stylist—someone special who can explain to me what is appropriate for this kind of situation. All of this fretting is going on inside my head despite the fact that not a single person will actually look at me (it’s that fact which is keeping me semi-sane… shhhh… am so).

Sorry? What premiere/party is it?


Not kidding.

Perhaps Mr. Clooney will find my sweatpants a refreshing change of pace.

Kate, who is trying to figure out how to bring a ficus with her, so she can hide at the event. Run away!!!!!!


6 comments on “Festive Dress?”

  1. danielletbd

    Anytime a press release said “festive” on it, I usually wore jeans just to spite them. But that being said, you’re totally right that paired with some cute shoes (and we know you have those!) and a fancier top (or even a tee with a blazer thrown over it), that totally constitutes “festive.” Though where the premiere is being held makes a difference, too. People still get dressed up for the big ones at Mann Chinese.In other news, I met your doppleganger and met lots of “X-Files fans” today.

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    Oh oh, it is at the Chinese theater. hmmmm I tried to shop today, but didn’t find anything that I loved and could afford. How was it??? And where is this doppleganger of mine? Was there XF stuff at the convention? And are you emailing me from prison? 😉

  3. danielletbd

    Uch I know; I tried shopping for something to wear today and found one top that was too expensive, but it was new so I bought it anyway, but when I got it home I realized the pattern was too amoeba-like. I’m promptly returning it.The doppleganger was dragged to the convention by her friend… no XF stuff for sale, but lots of people I talked to mentioned getting into “SN” because they were missing that paranormal “XF” stuff… no prison for me mwahahaha

  4. Helen

    Ummm, so what you are saying is you are going to the Leatherheads premiere? Which, loosely translated, means you are going to be in the same room with Mr. Clooney? And this is the first we’ve heard about it? Suppose we need to raise bail for you?

  5. Kate, Dating in LA

    LMAO!! Yes. Me and roughly 1000 other people. It’s a benefit for AFI, and they called on Friday for me to pick up the tickets. It’s one of those “so, if you want tickets to go to the premiere” kind of messages. Hmmmm let me think… until I had them in hand, I wasn’t jinxing myself. Of course, now I just want to be medicated.It would be my first offense, how much bail money would you really need for “pantsing” at a premiere?

  6. Anonymous

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