Exciting Updates: New Review and Interview!

PeaceWildThis week is already off to a pretty great start!

First, I did an interview with April Goodjohn for Susie Beaty Green Books. You might remember her name because I reviewed her book, Circle the Date. April has posted the first part of an interview she did with me about sex, love, soulmates and the power of knowing yourself, among other things. To read part 1, head over here.

The other good news is that My Letter to Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince Charming has received another 5 star review! This makes my heart happy. To read Courtney Bauman’s review of the book, head over to her review site.  She really got what I was going for when writing it– and I’m not just saying that because she liked it (though, that helps!).

Happy Tuesday!

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