Dream Job


Let me get this straight. They will pay me a little over $100,000 in order to play on their island? Hmmmm. Clearly the strenuous duties of sunbathing and frolicking are worth that, but I’m missing the catch. As it stands, I do believe I’ve found one of my two or three personal fantasy jobs, so I believe I’ll be getting a plane very soon.

At last a chance to truthfully yell, “You! Off my island”.

The thought of it alone makes me all tingly. It can not be a truly primitive island because you are supposed to do on camera work and web blogging—hello, internet! I already blog, and usually that’s from a place far less glorious than the one pictured there.

Frankly, I giggle at the downside—relatively few people.

Do typhoons hit this island? Is that it? Is there some sort of bomb testing going on next door? Because otherwise, I can’t figure out how there is anything bad about this. Oooooh, unless they don’t have satellite TV, then I can see how that would be a struggle. Also, Dominoes probably doesn’t deliver quite that far. While that’s a shame, it’s not really a deal breaker.

So, it’s been real. I’ll send you a postcard.

What do you mean they might not pick me? How could they not pick me? I mean, I promise not to wear a bikini on camera.

Off to buy more sunscreen.

Uh… you don’t think there is a smoke monster on this island like there is on “Lost”, do you?

5 comments on “Dream Job”

  1. Helen

    Kate,You clearly didn’t read carefully. See where it says take care of “a few minor tasks?” I’m pretty sure that means servicing some old rich dude. Which for some wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but I’m thinking that in your case it probably is. Personally, I say it really depends on what he looks like, but then my moral compass broke years ago.

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    LOL!!! Well, my moral compass is spinning like it has been magnetized, so I might be the wrong one to ask. Maybe I should bring staff just in case. 🙂

  3. danielletbd

    Or its some sort of reality show trick– like those dudes who thought they were going on Mr.Awesome on VH1 but who really ended up at the “Tool Academy…” but I’m willing to take the chance, too!

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