“Does Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?”

“Does Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?”

I’m not a frequent Oprah viewer, but today’s episode was too fascinating not to share. I was home nursing what appears to be my first cold of the new year (yehaw), and I caught the clutter tag line. Essentially, Peter Walsh posits that the clutter in your home makes it impossible for you to lose weight. The clutter of your home is reflected by the clutter of your body.

At first, I was skeptical. But as I sat on my ass feeling cranky and munching on chocolate, I took a look around the disaster that is currently my bedroom. And I had an epiphany.

I normally don’t have a big weight problem. I fluctuate here and there, but nothing really dramatic. I’m not as small as I was in college, but I’m probably not as smart anymore, either. 😉 You know when I gain weight? When I start going for easy meals like… um… 3 Musketeers bars. But I have noticed that this urge for snack meals comes when I’ve taken the easy way out around me, as well. As the mess builds around me, everything else goes to hell, too.

According to Peter, cheap and easy is our downfall.

LOL! Well, I’ve always applied that axiom to men, so it makes sense that it would apply elsewhere.

Cheap and easy meals lead to weight gain. Taking the easy way out all the time and not cleaning, straightening or putting things away means that the apartment gains weight, too.

It was oddly inspiring to me. Now, I don’t see myself turning to the darkside of gourmets—largely because I hate cooking, prepping and shopping for food—but it has left me with the urge for soup tonight, rather than trying to make a dinner out of hot chocolate mix. So, that’s a start.

Since I’m someone who has never met an extreme I don’t find intriguing, I took this to the next logical level. If I throw all my shit out, will I be in bikini shape by April? Seriously, is each room worth about 10 pounds? 20? Anyone?

Kidding aside, it was a fascinating idea. I’m pretty sure Peter Walsh’s book is the same title, and you can see more about the show here: http://www2.oprah.com/index.jhtml

And just remember—cheap and easy is bad for food, bad for organization and bad for men.

Kate, who thinks she would totally clean if she wasn’t sneezing all the time


2 comments on ““Does Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?””

  1. D. Murray

    This may just be the single most genius idea to get gals to clean! I mean, if you’re busy throwing stuff out, that technically counts as exercise, right? Ao you might lose some weight! AND, If the little lady’s cleaning, then I can watch the game in peace…It had to have been a man who concocted this theory!! See how they think they’re so clever? 😉

  2. Kate, Dating in LA

    In theory, it should work for men, as well. If they are getting beer guts, tell them to start cleaning! Of course, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a guy clean, but it’s bound to have happened at least once in human history.

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