Cough. Wheeze. Cough.

I started to show signs of illness by Friday morning. I steadfastly refused to believe it. I took allergy meds and blamed sleeping in front of a fan. Even Friday night when my voice was all but gone, the coughing had started and the fever set in, I refused to deal with it. Alas, by Saturday morning, I knew I was beaten.

Naturally, I was perturbed. I’ve been freelancing at an outside office, so the weekends are back to being sacred. They are also back to being the only time I get anything done. Nowhere in my new strategic plan was there a section for “dozing, coughing and staring vacantly into space.” Well, there is a section called “bumps in the road,” but I just got the plan developed Friday night, so I wasn’t willing to accept a bump quite that early in the process.

So much for those plans.

What I did have going for me was a lot of time to peruse the internet. Now, maybe it’s the cough suppressant talking, or maybe it’s my background in Economics, but whatever it is, this post made me laugh so hard I nearly coughed up a lung (the post itself, not the “shots fired” part, obviously).

Please enjoy.

Shots Fired at BET  Hip Hop Awards

Hee. Supply side economics… those kidders.



P.S. “Hey, baby. My tonsils are huge.”  Not the sexy come on you might think it is.

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