Condom Ring Tones

Hey, I just deliver the news, I don’t make create it.

I’m picturing myself in a meeting. In this meeting, we’re discussing the complexities of strategic planning and the difficulties of doing that in a shaky economy. And then suddenly, I realize that I haven’t turned my phone off because my boss is now tapping her toes to my catchy “condom, condom, condom” ring tone that is echoing off the hallowed halls of the fine institution I call “work”. Yeah, that wont come back to haunt me during bonus season.

On the other hand, if a guy is actually thinking about sex a zillion times a day anyway, perhaps sending the so subtle “condom, condom, condom” message is actually a good thing.

Well, at least you all know what I’m getting you for Christmas.

ETA: If you would like to listen, here is the ring tone:


2 comments on “Condom Ring Tones”

  1. Helen

    I heard this on the radio a few days ago. You would guess Kevin and Bean, but I actually think it was NPR! I really think this is a must have for anyone who is “dating in LA.” Or not technically dating, but giving it thoughtful consideration. Or not even really thinking about anything other than the new Fall TV schedule. What I’m saying here, is you need this!

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