Commercials Speak to Me

Have you seen this Old Spice commercial?


It aired fairly frequently during football on Sunday, and it caught my attention.  Pen and I agreed that it was brilliant, that we needed to at least work up to being guest stars in our own lives and that we had no idea how to do that. Oh, also, I’m the tree (only I never take the top branches off).

I’m the first person to admit that I let situations overwhelm me—that I tend to let me go in the quest to take care of other things that, for some mysterious reason, I’ve decided are more important than taking care of my own life.  This might be a procrastination tool. This might be general avoidance of having a light shined in my direction.  Maybe I like being a tree. Whatever the reasoning, I’m rarely, consistently the focus of my life.

Have any of you found yourself in this position? If so, how did you make the shift? How did you become the star of your own life?

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