Cleaning Hacks: Removing Candle Wax from Table Linens

photo-2 I very rarely have advice for people in the area of cleaning. I tend to use tried and true methods. I rarely come across a problem that actually requires any fancy footwork. That was true until Thanksgiving.

We had a lovely meal with friends and added the ambiance of candlelight around the dining room. It was a rare treat for us, and, in fact, the first dinner/event we’ve had in the new place (or as a couple, I think). It wasn’t until the end of dinner that I noticed that the candles had left spatters of wax on a napkin and the tablecloth.

I was half way to accepting that the table cloth was probably ruined because just picking off the wax would probably leave stains when everyone else suggested that surely someone had a plan for just such a problem. Enter the boyfriend, and his brilliant idea. Andy suggested I freeze the table linens. And then I gave him this look.

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Yes,I was my usual skeptical self. But not so skeptical that I wasn’t willing to give it a try. So, in the freezer everything went. Having no idea exactly how long it would take to properly freeze dry fabric, I left it in there for about three hours before curiosity grabbed me, and I had to take a look.

Things seemed properly frosting, so I began to run my hands over the wax which began to easily come off of the fabric. There was no real scraping required. No special implements. Just my fingers running across the cloth. Within minutes, the fabric looked like this:

photo-3It isn’t the greatest photo in the world because the fabric is turned and not as zoomed in, but you can tell that the fabric is wax free on the bottom half of the photo. There isn’t even a stain to remember it by.

So, if you are stuck in a similar situation, give freezing the tablecloth a go. You might end up being as pleasantly surprised as I was with the result.