I turned on the TV this morning (hello, old friend!), and there is an animated morning show playing. I was intrigued by the very “girl power” dialogue that was being bandied about, so I’m sitting here watching for a minute. Also, the remote is all the way across the room, and the effort to get up has not yet taken hold. Now I’m mesmerized by the fact that each and every one of these female warriors, witches, fairies, high school students (whatever they are supposed to be) is wearing some sort of lingerie that also shows off their tiny midriffs. I suppose they might be warding off the evil menace by flexing their abs? Perhaps we are revisiting the ancient “boobs of badness” concept (though no Diana Fowley in sight)? It’s possible that the super-collagen lips could bounce animated bullets.

I’m not saying that our own Saturday morning entertainment wasn’t suggestive. And the Wonder Woman outfit that has been around forever has never been demure. I’m just saying that at 7:30am on a Saturday, I shouldn’t already be depressed about needing to work out, dieting and finding enough layers to hide my non-magical gut. It’s just too early.

Must get remote…. Must get remote….


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