Bonding: Day 1 Part B

Lest you believe that all I ever do is complain, I will now create an upside/downside list of my experiences thus far to bring some balance to the equation:

Upside: TCA officer named Casey checked my boarding pass today. I should mention that Casey was very, very attractive. So if you are reading this Casey at LAX, you were the best thing about being at an airport at 5:30am.

Downside: Immediately after leaving Casey, they pulled my bag for searching because of a suspicious curling iron. I’d like to point out that it is an incident like this that solidifies my “grooming is over-rated” attitude.

Upside: Upgrading to business class from the company’s economy ticket was very easy. If you are frequent flyer, it’s only $50 and there were seats available.

Downside: Of course, upgrading only works if all of your frequent flyer miles hadn’t expired at some point. grrrrrr

Upside: After biting the bullet and upgrading anyway, I was pretty psyched to be handed my very own video monitor.

Downside: Didn’t have adapter to plug in the personal video monitor, so proved to be a bit of a tease more than anything else.

Upside: Plane landed 20 minutes early.

Downside: Those 20 minutes, plus about another 60 were spent on some freeway trying to get from JFK to downtown.

Upside: I made it to the first round of meetings on time.

Downside: May have gotten the up and down look with raised eyebrow from new boss because I failed to change out of my jeans to attend first round of meetings.

Upside: Finally came up with a fun fact to share with the group.

Downside: The fun fact didn’t really spark any conversation because I think people just think I’m either odd, or that it’s common to meet David Tennant in Los Angeles.

Upside: I have a nifty nametag.

Downside: My name is spelled incorrectly on the nametag. My first name. Sweet.

Upside: I’m staying at the Andaz hotel, and I’m loving it. I was upgraded by the nice Australian (I believe) boy who checked me in (very cute)– possibly because I looked cranky. Decor is great. Work station is well integrated. Shower is an entire room, and I could swim in the bath.

Downside: I was cranky. Cranky and cold (35 fabulous degrees).

Upside: It’s not snowing.

Downside: Sleet is not really better.

Upside: One more day of bonding.

Downside: It’s an 8 hour day of bonding.

Did I mention I really love the hotel?


2 comments on “Bonding: Day 1 Part B”

  1. Penelope

    Probably should've gone with all romance leads to gut-wrenching despair…at least you'd have my $20. And a few amens!

  2. Penelope

    Probably should've gone with all romance leads to gut-wrenching despair…at least you'd have my $20. And a few amens!

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