An LA Story

I went to the movies today with friends to celebrate my impending mid-life crisis, and I noticed some things that seemed uniquely L.A. to me.

First, what does it say about the state of our society when “no weapons allowed” is a sign on every door at the local AMC? Sure, during the great “bee” incident during the first X-Files film, I might have been inclined to start shooting, but I refrained. I had self-control. How often do people think to themselves “ooh, I’m going to see a romantic comedy, better bring the Glock”? Do the concession people routinely find people trying to stab them when they realize that a small popcorn and drink cost more than the movie? How did we get to a point where we need the “no weapons allowed” warning at the front of a theater? I know everyone’s a critic, but I think bringing ammunition is a little extreme.

The second thing I noticed today: a woman with a leashed dog. Did I mention that she was in the theater? Look, I love dogs. I’m even mildly entertained by people who bring their dogs shopping with them. Most of the malls here have outdoor elements to them, so it’s not wildly unusual. As long as they aren’t lifting their legs in Bloomingdales, I’m good. But I’ve honestly never considered bringing a pet to the movies with me. Obviously, I don’t know the dog, so perhaps he really did have a thing for historical fantasy, and 10,000 BC was a treat.

We’ve embraced small, adorable dogs. What about bigger, adorable dogs? If I want to bring a bullmastiff in, is that all good? Have we fully drawn the line at farm animals? Ponies are fine, but the cow needs to remain outside?

So, two very important tips for those of you considering trips to Los Angeles that involve local movie theaters: 1) leave the weapons at home and 2) feel free to bring your pony.

Kate, just a tiny bit giddy after seeing the Indiana Jones trailer

5 comments on “An LA Story”

  1. danielletbd

    Hmm I often wonder if I can sneak my dog into a movie without anyone noticing and kicking me out for it. So where was this particular AMC and was it a special “Puppy and Me” movie event like the “Mommy and Me” ones they do in the late a.m.?

  2. Pen

    I’m not really a huge fan of the folks who drag their mutts everywhere, but I have to say I’d much rather someone bring their dog to the movies than their kids. I’m sure the dog was much quieter and more well-behaved than the majority of screaming rug rats.

  3. Kate, Dating in LA

    LOL!! Don’t do it! The other patrons will write blogs about you 🙂 It was early, but no special screening type. It was the AMC over in Century City.

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