Almost Productive

Author Patricia Steffy

I’ve been freelancing out in the world, so weekends once again have meaning for me, and it never fails to surprise me when Sunday night rolls around again. Not because I dread Monday, but because I always think I’m going to be more productive over the weekends than I am.

I go into every Friday night armed with a two page list of tasks—some that must absolutely be done and some that just should get done but will take some thought and creativity. Apparently, on Friday nights I think that I’m suddenly going to turn into Wonder Woman (who also has a Pulitzer or two to her name). I’m not sure why I have this image, but I quite clearly do.

So, now I’m sitting here on another Sunday late afternoon wondering why I still have so much to do. I honestly do have the best of intentions when I create the list. I always think that this, THIS, will be the weekend when I re-write that agent query letter and re-write my web series pitch, as well as put together that treatment for what is sure to be Amazon’s hit new series. Instead, this, THIS, is the weekend I did the dishes, did my class assignment and played at the pumpkin festival. Well, okay, that last one was essential for my mental health.

Does this happen to you guys? Are you stunned to find that “plan out life” and “re-do kitchen” both got pushed to the bottom of the list while you were taking care of paying bills, grocery shopping and going to the post office?

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