A Bridget, 3 Tourists, A Clown and … Elvis?

I’ve taken this latest round of Albert Ellis experiments very seriously. I started with the great X-Files fans at the LA Film Festival, and decided that because that went so well, I should try meeting the general public.

What the hell was I thinking?

I’m a hermit for a reason. People scare me. More than that, they confuse me. But I will admit that I did learn a lot today.

For instance, I can’t tell you how many people told me today that they don’t really go to the movies. It was wild because they were standing in front of what is, arguably, the most famous movie theater in the world (Grauman’s) when they told me that they just weren’t really into movies—movie stars, yes. Going to the movies? No.

This blows my mind because it’s the one thing that will actually get me out of the house. I see a movie a week—more during Oscar season. So, I was shocked to hear so many people say that movie going wasn’t on their radar screens. Taking pictures of movie star footprints, however, was absolutely part of the deal.

I approached a number of people to speak on camera, and they refused. Turns out tourists are suspicious of youtube/vimeo videos—and probably with good reason. These people were wise, yet unhelpful. On the upside, I definitely managed to talk to my 50 strangers in a single month this time around. I even managed to add some men into the mix.

I learned that when you arrive at a parking garage and someone asks you if you are with “Californication” you should say yes, instead of no. 🙂 But it was a promising way to start the day, even if I didn’t get a chance to stick around tonight to watch them shoot at the church.

Oooooh, but I did get asked out! Elvis said he would definitely see The X-Files movie if I went with him. Um…

In the end, the video has highlights from interviews with Bridget, three genuine tourists, a clown and Elvis.

Would I lie to you?


Summer Movies and Elvis from Kate Dating on Vimeo.

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  1. Kate, Dating in LA

    AWW!! I think I need a revolving Bridget piece. Maybe an ongoing series of commentary on the cutting edge issues of the day… or just about men. 🙂

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