This Week on Dating in LA

My week was full of pumpkins and wine– so really, I can’t complain. If you were also wandering from tasting room to tasting room, this is what you missed.

Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths

Would You Rather Have Sex Or…
Respondents recently took surveys citing examples of things they would rather have than sex.

The Cuddle Scarcity
There’s not cuddling in dating.

Broke Girls Travel

Road Tripping to Julian, California

An Afternoon in Santa Barbara (Photos)

Frolicking at the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival (Photos)

The world descends on Julian in October (photos)

Take advantage of these terrific fall travel deals (video)

Have you seen Wynola? (Photos)

Have you visited the Funk Zone lately? (Photos)

Tips for making flying an easier experience (video)


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